Project number-517374-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-RU-TEMPUS-JPCR


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General information

Project 517374-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-RU-TEMPUS-JPCR
ProjectCommunication and Information Technology
for Improvement Safety and Efficiency of Traffic Flows:
EU-RU-UA Master and PhD Programs in Intelligent Transport Systems
Project acronymCITISET
Project duration15.10.2011 31.12.2014
EU funding instrument:Regional Program European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument
Tempus grant amount: 1 127 487,50
Target groupStudents, teachers, university administration staff;
enterprises, organizations and graduates employ institutions
Grant holder and Coordinator:Saint-Petersburg state university of aerospace instrumentation
Contacts: Director of the International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (IIAAT) of SUAI
Prof. Alexander Nebylov
tel. 7 812 494 70 16

Deputy Director of TSKNI SUAI
Sergey Faleev
tel. +7 911 910 4617

Head of International Department of SUAI
Oksana Mukhina
tel. 7 812 312 09 37

Project goals and objectives

Safety and effectiveness increasing of Air, Sea, Railway and Road vehicles motion flows, including negative influence decrease on environment, by profile universities cooperation from Ukraine, the Russian Federation and EU countries towards expert training on the specialty "Intelligent Transport Systems" (ITS), which are based on modern ICT implantation in motion control of transport vehicles and systems.

Harmonization and co-ordination by Russian and Ukrainian universities, participants of the Project, Master and PhD Programs in knowledge area "Transport and Transport Infrastructure" with corresponding EU Master and PhD Programs and giving to students from four Russian and four Ukrainian universities the possibility of study from September 2013 on the new "ITS" Master/PhD Program as in home, so in foreign university, which participates in the Project.

Realization of activities, aimed on support and ensuring of students training in Russian and Ukrainian Universities according to EU Standards and Bologna process requirements:

  • increasing of the qualification level of teachers from partner country universities;
  • methodological and technical support of the ITS students training;
  • introduction of quality assurance system of specialists training which are based on EU counties experience;
  • realization students and teachers mobility including virtual mobility.


  • Review of existent study programs of EU Universities in ITS on Master and PhD level and their contrastive analysis with the same level programs of PC Universities.
  • Development of Joint ITS Master and PhD Programs.
  • Increasing of RU and UA teachers qualification, including their training in EU Universities and also improvement of educational process methodic base.
  • Creation of special laboratories for students training in the ITS specialty.
  • Introduction of quality assurance system of educational process, which will be based on the EU Universities experience.
  • Pilot students training.
  • Project quality control and monitoring, dissemination, sustainability, management.

Expected results

  • Master and PhD Programs in ITS are introduced in PC Universities.
  • Teachers qualification from PC Universities is raised, including at the base of EU Universities.
  • Educational and methodical materials for Master and PhD Programs are published.
  • ITS laboratories in PC Universities and ITS Joint Electronic Library are created.
  • Quality assurance system of student training in specialty ITS, which will be based on EU Universities experience is introduced.
  • Specialists within new ITS Master Program are trained.
  • Project results between different profile Universities from Russian Federation and Ukraine are disseminated.


  • Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (RU)
  • Murmansk State Technical University (RU)
  • Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (RU)
  • Samara State Technical University (RU)
  • Public Corporation "Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time" (RU)
  • National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" (UA)
  • Odessa National Maritime University (UA)
  • Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport (UA)
  • Zhytomyr State Technological University (UA)
  • Linkoping University (Sweden)
  • University of Southampton (Great Britain)
  • Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Latvia)
  • Silesian University of Technology (Poland)


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Address: SUAI, B.Morskaya str. 67, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 312 09 37